Jiong Yan MD


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Transduction of Photoreceptors With Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Lentiviral Vectors: Safety and Biodistribution of StarGen for Stargardt Disease

by Katie Binley; Peter Widdowson; Julie Loader; Michelle Kelleher; Sharifah Iqball; Georgina Ferrige; Jackie de Belin; Marie Carlucci; Diana Angell-Manning; Felicity Hurst; Scott Ellis; James Miskin; Alcides Fernandes; Paul Wong; Rando Allikmets; Christopher Bergstrom; Thomas M. Aaberg, Jr.; Jiong Yan; Jiong Kong; Peter Gouras; Annick Prefontaine; Mark Vezina; Martin Bussieres; Stuart Naylor; Kyriacos A. Mitrophanous



Fundus autofluorescence features in the inflammatory maculopathies.

by Cecilia S Lee; Aaron Y Lee; Farzin Forooghian; Chris Bergstrom; Jiong Yan; Steven Yeh



Retinal Anatomy and Electrode Array Position in Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients After Argus II Implantation: An International Study

by Ninel Z. Gregori; Natalia F. Callaway; Catherine Hoeppner; Alex Yuan; Aleksandra Rachitskaya; William Feuer; Hossein Ameri; J. Fernando Arevalo; Albert J. Augustin; David G. Birch; Gislin Dagnelie; Salvatore Grisanti; Janet L. Davis; Paul Hahn; James T. Handa; Allen C. Ho; Suber S. Huang; Mark S. Humayun; Raymond Iezzi, Jr; Jiong Yan