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Adjunct Asst Professor

SON: Academic Advancement

School Of Nursing

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Patient/Family Education for Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Oncology Patients: Consensus Recommendations from a Children's Oncology Group Expert Panel

by Wendy Landier; JoAnn Ahern; Lamia P. Barakat; Smita Bhatia; Kristin M. Bingen; Patricia G. Bondurant; Susan L. Cohn; Sarah K. Dobrozsi; Maureen Haugen; Ruth Anne Herring; Mary C. Hooke; Melissa Martin; Kathryn Murphy; Amy R. Newman; Cheryl C. Rodgers; Kathleen S. Ruccione; Jeneane Sullivan; Marianne Weiss; Janice Withycombe; Lise Yasui; Marilyn Hockenberry



Cognitive Interview-based Validation of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE) in Adolescents with Cancer

by Bryce B. Reeve; Molly McFatrich; Laura C. Pinheiro; David R. Freyer; Ethan M. Basch; Justin N. Baker; Janice Squires Withycombe; Lillian Sung; Jennifer W. Mack; Mia K. Waldron; Catriona Mowbray; Diana Palma; Pamela Hinds



Child and adolescent self-report symptom measurement in pediatric oncology research: a systematic literature review

by Laura C. Pinheiro; Molly McFatrich; Nicole Lucas; Jennifer S. Walker; Janice Squires Withycombe; Pamela S. Hinds; Lillian Sung; Deborah Tomlinson; David R. Freyer; Jennifer W. Mack; Justin N. Baker; Bryce B. Reeve



Eliciting the child's voice in adverse event reporting in oncology trials: Cognitive interview findings from the Pediatric Patient-Reported Outcomes version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events initiative

by Bryce B. Reeve; Molly McFatrich; Laura C. Pinheiro; Meaghann S. Weaver; Lillian Sung; Janice Withycombe; Justin N. Baker; Jennifer W. Mack; Mia K. Waldron; Deborah Gibson; Deborah Tomlinson; David R. Freyer; Catriona Mowbray; Shana Jacobs; Diana Palma; Christa E. Martens; Stuart H. Gold; Kathryn D. Jackson; Pamela S. Hinds



Outcome and Prognostic Factors in Stage III Favorable-Histology Wilms Tumor: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group Study AREN0532

by Conrad V. Fernandez; Elizabeth A. Mullen; Yueh-Yun Chi; Peter F. Ehrlich; Elizabeth J. Perlman; John A. Kalapurakal; Geetika Khanna; Arnold C. Paulino; Thomas E. Hamilton; Kenneth W. Gow; Zelig Tochner; Fredric A. Hoffer; Janice Squires Withycombe; Robert C. Shamberger; Yeonil Kim; James I. Geller; James R. Anderson; Paul E. Grundy; Jeffrey S. Dome



Concept-elicitation phase for the development of the pediatric patient-reported outcome version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events

by Meaghann Weaver; Bryce Reeve; Justin Baker; Christa Martens; Molly McFatrich; Catriona Mowbray; Diana Palma; Lillian Sung; Deborah Tomlinson; Janice Withycombe; Pamela Hinds