Jean Welsh PhD, MPH, RN


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  • PhD, Emory University, 2010
  • MPH, University of Minnesota, 1993

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Metabolome x Microbiome Changes Associated with a Diet-Induced Reduction in Hepatic Fat among Adolescent Boys

by Catherine C Cohen; Helaina Huneault; Carolyn Accardi; Dean Jones; Ken Liu; Kristal M Maner-Smith; Ming Song; Jean Welsh; Patricia A Ugalde-Nicalo; Jeffrey B Schwimmer; Miriam Vos



Pathways and mechanisms linking dietary components to cardiometabolic disease: thinking beyond calories

by Kimber L. Stanhope; M.I. Goran; A. Bosy-Westphal; J.C. King; L.A. Schmidt; J.-M. Schwarz; E. Stice; A.C. Sylvetsky; P.J. Turnbaugh; G.A. Bray; C.D. Gardner; P.J. Havel; V. Malik; A.E. Mason; E. Ravussin; M. Rosenbaum; Jean Welsh; C. Allister-Price; D.M. Sigala; M.R.C. Greenwood; A. Astrup; R.M. Krauss



Dietary sugar restriction reduces hepatic de novo lipogenesis in adolescent boys with fatty liver disease

by Catherine C Cohen; Kelvin W Li; Adina Alazraki; Carine Beysen; Carissa A Carrier; Rebecca L Cleeton; Mohamad Dandan; Janet Figueroa; Jack Knight-Scott; Cynthia J Knott; Kimberly P Newton; Edna M Nyangau; Claude B Sirlin; Patricia A Ugalde-Nicalo; Jean Welsh; Mark K Hellerstein; Jeffrey B Schwimmer; Miriam Vos