Jay M Weiss PhD/MD


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Operant psychostimulant self-administration in a rat model of depression

by Sharon J. Lin; S. Alisha Epps; Charles H. West; Katherine A. Boss-Williams; Jay M Weiss; David Weinshenker



Sex and lineage interact to predict behavioral effects of chronic adolescent stress in rats

by Constance S. Harrell; Emily Hardy; Katherine Boss-Williams; Jay Weiss; Gretchen Neigh



Prenatal exposure to escitalopram and/or stress in rats: a prenatal stress model of maternal depression and its treatment

by Chase H. Bourke; Catherine F. Capello; Swati M. Rogers; Megan L. Yu; Katherine A. Boss-Williams; Jay M Weiss; Zachary N. Stowe; Michael J Owens



Antidepressant and anticonvulsant effects of exercise in a rat model of epilepsy and depression comorbidity

by S. Alisha Epps; Alexa B. Kahn; Philip V. Holmes; Katherine A. Boss-Williams; Jay M Weiss; David Weinshenker