Jay B Varkey

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Phone: 404-712-9559

Email: jay.varkey@emory.edu

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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Human Ebola virus infection results in substantial immune activation

by Anita McElroy; Rama Akondy; Carl Davis; Ali H. Ellebedy; Aneesh K Mehta; Colleen S Kraft; G Marshall Lyon III; Bruce Ribner; Jay Varkey; John Sidney; Alessandro Sette; Shelley Campbell; Ute Stroher; Inger Damon; Stuart Nichol; Christina F. Spiropoulou; Rafi Ahmed



Kinetic Analysis of Biomarkers in a Cohort of US Patients With Ebola Virus Disease

by Anita McElroy; Jessica R. Harmon; Timothy D. Flietstra; Shelley Campbell; Aneesh Mehta; Colleen Kraft; Marshall G. Lyon; Jay Varkey; Bruce Ribner; Christopher J. Kratochvil; Peter C. Iwen; Philip W. Smith; Rafi Ahmed; Stuart Nichol; Christina Spiropoulou



Macrophage Activation Marker Soluble CD163 Associated with Fatal and Severe Ebola Virus Disease in Humans

by Anita McElroy; Punya Shrivastava-Ranjan; Jessica R. Harmon; Roosecelis B. Martines; Luciana Silva-Flannery; Timothy D. Flietstra; Colleen Kraft; Aneesh Mehta; G Marshall Lyon III; Jay B Varkey; Bruce Ribner; Stuart T. Nichol; Sherif R. Zaki; Christina F. Spiropoulou



New Lineage of Lassa Virus, Togo, 2016

by Shannon L.M. Whitmer; Thomas Strecker; Daniel Cadar; Ketan Patel; Shelley M. Brown; William G. Davis; John D. Klena; Svenja Wolff; Sarah Katharina Fehling; Markus Eickmann; Bruce Ribner; Jay B Varkey; Aneesh K Mehta; G Marshall Lyon III; Colleen S Kraft; Stuart T. Nichol



Comparison of FilmArray and Quantitative Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase PCR for Detection of Zaire Ebolavirus from Contrived and Clinical Specimens

by Timothy R. Southern; Lori D. Racsa; César G. Albariño; Paul D. Fey; Steven H. Hinrichs; Caitlin N. Murphy; Vicki L. Herrera; Anthony R. Sambol; Charles Hill; Emily L. Ryan; Colleen Kraft; Shelley Campbell; Tara K. Sealy; Amy Schuh; James Ritchie; George Lyon III; Aneesh Mehta; Jay Varkey; Bruce Ribner; Kent P. Brantly; Ute Ströher; Peter C. Iwen; Eileen Burd



Long-term Management of Panuveitis and Iris Heterochromia in an Ebola Survivor

by Jessica Shantha; Ian Crozier; Jay Varkey; Colleen Kraft; George Lyon III; Aneesh Mehta; Renee Donahue Carlson; Charles Hill; Gokul Kumar; Matthew R. Debiec; Purnima Patel; Timothy Olsen; Robert B. Nussenblatt; Daniel F. Martin; Ute Stroeher; Timothy M. Uyeki; Bruce Ribner; Justine R. Smith; Steven Yeh



Favipiravir and Ribavirin Treatment of Epidemiologically Linked Cases of Lassa Fever

by Vanessa N. Raabe; Gerrit Kann; Bruce Ribner; Andres Morales; Jay Varkey; Aneesh Mehta; George Lyon III; Sharon Vanairsdale; Kelly Faber; Stephan Becker; Markus Eickmann; Thomas Strecker; Shelley Brown; Ketan Patel; Philipp De Leuw; Gundolf Schuettfort; Christoph Stephan; Holger Rabenau; John D. Klena; Pierre E. Rollin; Anita McElroy; Ute Stroher; Stuart Nichol; Colleen Kraft; Timo Wolf