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Molecular and clinical epidemiology of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales in the USA (CRACKLE-2): a prospective cohort study

by Jesse Jacob; D van Duin; CA Arias; L Komarow; L Chen; BM Hanson; G Weston; E Cober; OB Garner; MJ Satlin; BC Fries; J Garcia-Diaz; Y Doi; S Dhar; KS Kaye; M Earley; AM Hujer; KM Hujer; TN Domitrovic; WC Shropshire; D An; C Manca; CL Luterbach; M Wang; DL Paterson; R Banerjee; R Patel; S Evans; C Hill; R Arias; HF Chambers; VG Fowler; BN Kreiswirth; RA Bonomo



Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in US Hospitals: Diversification of Circulating Lineages and Antimicrobial Resistance

by Jesse Jacob; A Iovleva; MM Mustapha; MP Griffith; L Komarow; C Luterbach; DR Evans; E Cober; SS Richter; K Rydell; CA Arias; RA Salata; MJ Satlin; D Wong; RA Bonomo; D van Duin; VS Cooper; D Van Tyne; Y Doi



Severity of Rhinovirus Infection in Hospitalized Adults Is Unrelated to Genotype

by Denise J. McCulloch; Marti H. Sears; Jesse Thomas Jacob; G Marshall Lyon III; Eileen Burd; Angela M. Caliendo; Charles E Hill; W. Allan Nix; M. Steven Oberste; Colleen S Kraft



ICU and Ventilator Mortality Among Critically Ill Adults With Coronavirus Disease 2019.

by Sara Auld; Mark Caridi-Scheible; James Blum; Chad Robichaux; Colleen Kraft; Jesse Jacob; Craig Jabaley; David Carpenter; Roberta Kaplow; Alfonso C. Hernandez-Romieu; Max W. Adelman; Gregory Martin; Craig M. Coopersmith; David Murphy