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Poor outcomes in both infection and colonization with carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales

by Jessica Howard-Anderson; Michelle Earley; Lauren Komarow; Lilian Abbo; Deverick J Anderson; Jason C Gallagher; Matthew Grant; Angela Kim; Robert A Bonomo; David van Duin; Silvia Munoz-Price; Jesse Jacob



Predictors of Surgical Intervention in Dialysis Patients With Infective Endocarditis

by John A. Woller; Victoria L. Walsh; Chad Robichaux; Vinod H. Thourani; Jesse Thomas Jacob



Development and evaluation of a structured guide to assess the preventability of hospital-onset bacteremia and fungemia

by Gregory M Schrank; Anna Sick-Samuels; Susan C Bleasdale; Jesse Jacob; Raymund Dantes; Runa H Gokhale; Jeanmarie Mayer; Preeti Mehrotra; Sapna A Mehta; Alfredo Mena J Lora; Susan Ray; Chanu Rhee; Jorge L Salinas; Susan K Seo; Andi L Shane; Gita Nadimpalli; Aaron M Milstone; Gwen Robinson; Clayton H Brown; Anthony D Harris; Surbhi Leekha



Development of a Broth Microdilution Method To Characterize Chlorhexidine MICs among Bacteria Collected from 2005 to 2019 at Three US Sites

by Jesse Jacob; Sarah Satola; Joseph Lutgring; Kathleen O'Donnell; JE Grass; D Lonsway; BB Yoo; E Epson; M Crumpler; K Galliher; M Zahn; E Evans; A Page; G Smith; M Kainer; D Muleta; CD Wilson; MK Hayden; S Reddy; CA Elkins; JK Rasheed; M Karlsson; SS Magill; AY Guh