Johnna Temenoff


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Development of 3D hydrogel culture systems with on-demand cell separation

by Sharon K. Hamilton; Nathaniel C. Bloodworth; Christopher S. Massad; Taymour M. Hammoudi; Shalu Suri; Peter J. Yang; Hang Lu; Johnna Temenoff



Sub-nanoliter metabolomics via mass spectrometry to characterize volume-limited samples

by Yafeng Li; Marcos Bouza; Changsheng Wu; Hengyu Guo; Danning Huang; Gilad Doron; Johnna Temenoff; Arlene Stecenko; Zhong Lin Wang; Facundo M. Fernandez




Localized SDF-1α Delivery Increases Pro-Healing Bone Marrow-Derived Cells in the Supraspinatus Muscle Following Severe Rotator Cuff Injury

by L. E. Tellier; J. R. Krieger; A. L. Brimeyer; A. C. Coogan; A. A. Falis; T. E. Rinker; A. Schudel; S. N. Thomas; C. D. Jarrett; Nick Willett; Edward Botchwey; Johnna Sue Temenoff