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Developing Treatment Guidelines During a Pandemic Health Crisis: Lessons Learned From COVID-19.

by Safia Kuriakose; Kanal Singh; Alice K. Pau; Eric Daar; Rajesh Gandhi; Pablo Tebas; Laura Evans; Roy M. Gulick; H. Clifford Lane; Henry Masur; Craig Coopersmith; Gregory Martin; Jeffrey L Lennox; John T. Brooks



Ongoing Sexually Transmitted Disease Acquisition and Risk-Taking Behavior Among US HIV-Infected Patients in Primary Care: Implications for Prevention Interventions

by Kenneth H Mayer; Timothy Bush; Keith Henry; Turner Overton; John Hammer; Jean Richardson; Kathy Wood; Lois Conley; John Papp; Angela Caliendo; Pragna Patel; John T. Brooks



Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Colonization of the Groin and Risk for Clinical Infection among HIV-infected Adults

by Philip J. Peters; John T. Brooks; Sigrid K. McAllister; Brandi Limbago; H. Ken Lowery; Gregory Fosheim; Jodie L. Guest; Rachel J. Gorwitz; Monique Bethea; Jeffrey Hageman; Rondeen Mindley; Linda K. McDougal; David Rimland



Viral suppression among persons in HIV care in the United States during 2009-2013: sampling bias in Medical Monitoring Project surveillance estimates

by Heather Bradley; Keri N. Althoff; Kate Buchacz; John Brooks; M. John Gill; Michael A. Horberg; Mari M. Kitahata; Vincent Marconi; Kenneth H. Mayer; Angel Mayor; Richard Moore; Michael Mugavero; Sonia Napravnik; Gabriella Paz-Bailey; Joseph Prejean; Peter F. Rebeiro; Christopher T. Rentsch; R. Luke Shouse; Michael Silverberg; Patrick Sullivan; Jennifer E. Thorne; Baligh Yehia; Eli Rosenberg