Jeffrey Switchenko


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Videos improve patient understanding of chemotherapy terminology in a rural setting

by Hannah C Sibold; Mary Catherine Thomson; Rachel Hianik; Eli R Abernethy; Gavin P Campbell; Bradley Sumrall; Melissa Dillmon; Josh Simmons; Jeffrey Switchenko; Margie D Dixon; Rebecca Pentz



Racial Disparities in Diagnostic Delay Among Women With Breast Cancer

by Jasmine M Miller-Kleinhenz; Lindsay J Collin; Rebecca Seidel; Arthi Reddy; Rebecca Nash; Jeffrey Switchenko; Lauren McCullough



A multicenter analysis of the outcomes with venetoclax in patients with relapsed mantle cell lymphoma

by Jonathon Cohen; Jeffrey Switchenko; Jason Romancik; Y Sawalha; S Goyal; M Kamdar; IB Greenwell; BT Hess; KM Isaac; CA Portell; AM Garcia; S Goldsmith; NS Grover; PA Riedel; R Karmali; M Burkart; M Buege; O Akhtar; P Torka; A Kumar; BT Hill; BS Kahl



Family Strategies to Support Siblings of Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients

by Taylor E. White; Kristopher A. Hendershot; Margie D. Dixon; Wendy Pelletier; Ann Haight; Kristin Stegenga; Melissa A. Alderfer; Lydia Cox; Jeffrey M. Switchenko; Pamela Hinds; Rebecca Pentz