Jennifer Stapel-Wax


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Autism screening and diagnosis in low resource settings: Challenges and opportunities to enhance research and services worldwide

by Maureen S. Durkin; Mayada Elsabbagh; Josephine Barbaro; Melissa Gladstone; Francesca Happe; Rosa A. Hoekstra; Li-Ching Lee; Alexia Rattazzi; Jennifer Stapel-Wax; Wendy L. Stone; Helen Tager-Flusberg; Audrey Thurm; Mark Tomlinson; Andy Shih



Toward Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Systemic Solutions to Improve Outcomes and Well-Being of Military Families Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

by Ami Klin; Amy M. Wetherby; Juliann Woods; Celine Saulnier; Jennifer Stapel-Wax; Cheryl Klaiman; Warren Jones; Emily Rubin; Lawrence Scahill; Nathan Call; Karen Bearss; Christie Gunter; Charles J. Courtemanche; Anthony F. Lemieux; James C. Cox; David S. Mandell; James P. Van Decar; Ronald A. Miller; Cherri L. Shireman