Jason S. (he/him) Schneider , MD, FACP


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Perceived HIV Acquisition Risk and Low Uptake of PrEP Among a Cohort of Transgender Women With PrEP Indication in the Eastern and Southern United States

by Jowanna Malone; Sari L. Reisner; Erin Cooney; Tonia Poteat; Christopher M. Cannon; Jason Schneider; Asa Radix; Kenneth H. Mayer; Jeehea Haw; Keri N. Althoff; Andrew J. Wawrzyniak; Chris Beyrer; Andrea L. Wirtz



Prevention-effective adherence trajectories among transgender women indicated for PrEP in the United States: a prospective cohort study

by Erin E Cooney; Sari L Reisner; Haneefa T Saleem; Keri N Althoff; Wilson S Beckham; Asa Radix; Christopher M Cannon; Jason Schneider; Jeehea Haw; Allan E Rodriguez; Andrew J Wawrzyniak; Tonia C Poteat; Kenneth H Mayer; Chris Beyrer; Andrea L Wirtz



Digital epidemiologic research on multilevel risks for HIV acquisition and other health outcomes among transgender women in Eastern and Southern United States: Protocol for an online cohort

by Andrea L Wirtz; Erin E Cooney; Megan Stevenson; Asa Radix; Tonia Poteat; Andrew J Wawrzyniak; Christopher M Cannon; Jason Schneider; Jason Sonya Haw; James Case; Keri N Althoff; Elizabeth Humes; Kenneth H Mayer; Chris Beyrer; Allan E Rodriguez; Sari L Reisner