Joe Sharma MD, FACS, FACE


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Better characterization of operation for ulcerative colitis through the National surgical quality improvement program: A 2-year audit of NSQIP-IBD

by Virginia Shaffer; Jyotirmay Sharma; WY Luo; SD Holubar; L Bordeianou; BC Cosman; R Hyke; EC Lee; E Messaris; J Saraidaridis; JS Scow; R Smith; RM Steinhagen; F Vaida; S Eisenstein



Evaluation and management of blood lipids through a woman's life cycle.

by Jyotirmay Sharma; Puja Mehta; J McAlister; NR Aggarwal; J Wei; O Quesada; D Mattina; NS Scott; ED Michos; Z Mahmoud; K Kurrelmeyer; GM Moraes De Oliveira; KJ Lindley



In Situ Simulation Enables Operating Room Agility in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

by Sharon L. Muret-Wagstaff; Jeremy Collins; Darlene Mashman; Snehal G. Patel; Kate Pettorini; Seth A. Rosen; Virginia O. Shaffer; Michele Sumler; John F. Sweeney; Jyotirmay Sharma