June R Scott PhD


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A Foreign Protein Incorporated on the Tip of T3 Pili in Lactococcus lactis Elicits Systemic and Mucosal Immunity

by Bernard R. Quigley; Matthew Hatkoff; David G. Thanassi; Mahamoudou Ouattara; Zehava Eichenbaum; June R Scott



Synthetic Riboswitches That Induce Gene Expression in Diverse Bacterial Species▿ †

by Shana Topp; Colleen M. K. Reynoso; Jessica C. Seeliger; Ian S. Goldlust; Shawn K. Desai; Dorothee Murat; Aimee Shen; Aaron W. Puri; Arash Komeili; Carolyn R. Bertozzi; June R Scott; Justin Gallivan