Justin Remais

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Phone: 404-712-8908

Email: justin.v.remais@emory.edu

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Adjunct Assoc Professor

SPH: Environmental Health

School Of Public Health

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Targeting pediatric versus elderly populations for norovirus vaccines: a model-based analysis of mass vaccination options

by Molly K. Steele; Justin Remais; Manoj Gambhir; John W. Glasser; Andreas Handel; Umesh D. Parashar; Benjamin Lopman



Estimating the Health Effects of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies: Addressing Parametric, Model, and Valuation Challenges

by Justin V Remais; Jeremy Hess; Kristie L. Ebi; Anil Markandya; John M. Balbus; Paul Wilkinson; Andy Haines; Zaid Chalabi



Stirred, not shaken: genetic structure of the intermediate snail host Oncomelania hupensis robertsoni in an historically endemic schistosomiasis area

by Anne-Kathrin Hauswald; Justin V Remais; Ning Xiao; George M. Davis; Ding Lu; Margaret J. Bale; Thomas Wilke



Polymorphic microsatellites in the human bloodfluke, Schistosoma japonicum, identified using a genomic resource

by Ning Xiao; Justin V Remais; Paul J. Brindley; Dongchuan Qiu; Robert Spear; Yang Lei; David Blair



Geographic and ecologic heterogeneity in elimination thresholds for the major vector-borne helminthic disease, lymphatic filariasis

by Manoj Gambhir; Moses Bockarie; Daniel Tisch; James Kazura; Justin V Remais; Robert Spear; Edwin Michael