Jessica Raper


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  • AA, Brevard College, Brevard NC, 1998
  • BA, Agnes Scott College, Decatur GA, 2000
  • MA, Emory University, Atlanta GA, 2009
  • PhD, Emory University, Atlanta GA, 2012

Biography/Description of Research:

Dr. Jessica Raper is a Translational Neuroscientist conducting research at Yerkes National Primate Research Center as a Research Associate. Her research incorporates techniques from the neurobiology of stress, endocrinology, neuroanatomy, and developmental neuroscience to examine how early brain perturbation impacts behavioral and neuroendocrine development. Regardless of whether the perturbation is direct, such as a selective neurotoxic brain lesion or the presence of mutant huntington gene (HTT) from birth, or indirect, such as neonatal anesthesia exposure or the impact of early adversity (e.g. childhood neglect or abuse), each of these perturbations lead to permanent alteration of behavior and neuroendocrine systems. Understanding how these disruptions to early brain development impact other systems is important for understanding developmental neuropsychiatric disorders, such as autism, schizophrenia and mood disorders, which exhibit aberrant brain development, emotional dysregulation, and neuroendocrine dysfunction.

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Ultrastructural localization of DREADDs in monkeys

by Adriana Galvan; Jessica Raper; Xing Hu; Jean-Francois Pare; Jordi Bonaventura; Christopher T. Richie; Michael Michaelides; Sascha A. L. Mueller; Patrick H. Roseboom; Jonathan A. Oler; Ned H. Kalin; Randy Hall; Yoland Smith



Long-term alterations in brain and behavior after postnatal Zika virus infection in infant macaques

by Jessica Raper; Zsofia Kovacs-Balint; Maud Mavigner; Sanjeev Gumber; Mark W. Burke; Jakob Habib; Cameron Mattingly; Damien Fair; Eric Earl; Eric Feczko; Martin Styner; Sherrie Jean; Joyce Cohen; Mehul Suthar; Maria Sanchez; Maria Alvarado; Ann Chahroudi