Jeffrey Rakofsky MD

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Phone: 404-712-5083


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SOM: Psych: Adult

School Of Medicine

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Evidence for genetic heterogeneity between clinical subtypes of bipolar disorder

by AW Charney; DM Ruderfer; EA Stahl; JL Moran; K Chambert; RA Belliveau; L Forty; K Gordon-Smith; A Di Florio; PH Lee; EJ Bromet; PF Buckley; MA Escamilla; AH Fanous; LJ Fochtmann; DS Lehrer; D Malaspina; SR Marder; CP Morley; H Nicolini; DO Perkins; Jeffrey Rakofsky; Mark Rapaport



Prevalence of major depressive disorder and socio-demographic correlates: Results of a representative household epidemiological survey in Beijing, China

by Yilang Tang; Jeffrey Rakofsky; J Liu; F Yan; X Ma; H-L Guo; X-M Wu; X-Q Li; H Zhu; X-B Guo; Y Yang; P Li; X-D Cao; H-Y Li; Z-B Li; P Wang; Q-Y Xu



Satisfaction of family members with inpatient psychiatric care and its correlates: A national survey in China

by Feng Jiang; Linlin Hu; Ruiping Zhao; Huixuan Zhou; Yinuo Wu; Jeffrey Rakofsky; Tinfang Liu; Huanzhong Liu; Yuanli Liu; Yilang Tang



Satisfaction of psychiatric inpatients in China: clinical and institutional correlates in a national sample

by Feng Jiang; Jeffrey Rakofsky; Huixuan Zhou; Linlin Hu; Tingfang Liu; Shichao Wu; Pengyu Zhao; Huanzhong Liu; Yuanli Liu; Yilang Tang