Jason P Schroeder PhD


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Vesicular monoamine transporter 2 mediates fear behavior in mice

by David Weinshenker; Jason Schroeder; Tanja Jovanovic; Gary Miller; RC Branco; JP Burkett; CA Black; E Winokur; W Elsworth; RK Dhamsania; KM Lohr



RGS14 is a natural suppressor of both synaptic plasticity in CA2 neurons and hippocampal-based learning and memory

by Sarah Emerson Lee; Stephen B. Simons; Scott A. Heldt; Meilan Zhao; Jason P Schroeder; Christopher P. Vellano; D. Patrick Cowan; Suneela Ramineni; Cindee K. Yates; Yue Feng; Yoland Smith; J. David Sweatt; David Weinshenker; Kerry Ressler; Serena M. Dudek; John R Hepler



Human Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC) Transgenesis Fully Rescues Noradrenergic Function in Dopamine beta-Hydroxylase Knockout Mice

by Joseph Cubells; Jason Schroeder; Elizabeth S. Barrie; Daniel F. Manvich; Wolfgang Sadee; Tiina Berg; Kristina Mercer; Taylor A. Stowe; L. Cameron Liles; Katherine E. Squires; Andrew Mezher; Patrick Curtin; Dannie L. Perdomo; Patricia Szot; David Weinshenker



Human genetic variants disrupt RGS14 nuclear shuttling and regulation of LTP in hippocampal neurons.

by David Weinshenker; Eric Ortlund; Jason Schroeder; John Hepler; Christopher Scharer; KE Squires; KJ Gerber; MC Tillman; DJ Lustberg; C Montañez-Miranda; M Zhao; S Ramineni; RN Saha; F-J Shu; SM Dudek



Selective Loss of Noradrenaline Exacerbates Early Cognitive Dysfunction and Synaptic Deficits in APP/PS1 Mice

by Thea Hammerschmidt; Markus P. Kummer; Dick Terwel; Ana Martinez; Ali Gorji; Hans-Christian Pape; Karen Rommelfanger; Jason Schroeder; Monika Stoll; Joachim Schultze; David Weinshenker; Michael T. Heneka



GPR37L1 modulates seizure susceptibility: Evidence from mouse studies and analyses of a human GPR37L1 variant

by Michelle M. Giddens; Jennifer Wong; Jason Schroeder; Emily G. Farrow; Brilee M. Smith; Sharon Owino; Sarah E. Soden; Rebecca C. Meyer; Carol Saunders; J.B. LePichon; David Weinshenker; Andrew Escayg; Randy Hall