Jamie MacKelfresh MD

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Phone: 404-778-3333

Email: jamie.mackelfresh@emory.edu

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SOM: Dermatology: Admin

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Establishment of a Temperature-Sensitive Model of Oncogene-Induced Senescence in Angiosarcoma Cells

by Adilson da Costa; Michael Y. Bonner; Shikha Rao; Linda Gilbert; Maiko Sasaki; Justin Elsey; Jamie MacKelfresh; Jack Arbiser



Blowing bubbles: Dermoscopy of bubble hair

by Lauren N. Albers; Alexander M. Maley; Jamie MacKelfresh



Fulvene-5 potently inhibits NADPH oxidase 4 and blocks the growth of endothelial tumors in mice

by Sulochana S. Bhandarkar; Marisa Jaconi; Levi E. Fried; Michael Y. Bonner; Benjamin Lefkove; Baskaran Govindarajan; Betsy N. Perry; Ravi Parhar; Jamie MacKelfresh; Allie Sohn; Michael Stouffs; Ulla Knaus; George Yancopoulos; Yvonne Reiss; Andrew V. Benest; Hellmut G. Augustin; Jack Arbiser