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Impact of Risk Factors for Specific Causes of Death in the First and Subsequent Years of Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV-Infected Patients

by Suzanne M. Ingle; Margaret T. May; M. John Gill; Michael J. Mugavero; Charlotte Lewden; Sophie Abgrall; Gerd Faetkenheuer; Peter Reiss; Michael S. Saag; Christian Manzardo; Sophie Grabar; Mathias Bruyand; David Moore; Amanda Mocroft; Timothy R. Sterling; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Victoria Hernando; Ramon Teira; Jodie L. Guest; Matthias Cavassini; Heidi M. Crane; Jonathan A.C. Sterne



Increased non-AIDS mortality among persons with AIDS-defining events after antiretroviral therapy initiation

by April C Pettit; Mark J Giganti; Suzanne M Ingle; Margaret T May; Bryan E Shepherd; Michael J Gill; Gerd Fatkenheuer; Sophie Abgrall; Michael S Saag; Julia Del Amo; Amy C Justice; Jose M Miro; Matthias Cavasinni; Francois Dabis; Antonella D Monforte; Peter Reiss; Jodie L. Guest; David Moore; Leah Shepherd; Niels Obel



CD4:CD8 Ratio and CD8 Count as Prognostic Markers for Mortality in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy: The Antiretroviral Therapy Cohort Collaboration (ART-CC)

by Adam Trickey; Margaret T May; Philipp Schommers; Jan Tate; Suzanne M Ingle; Jodie L. Guest; M John Gill; Robert Zangerle; Mike Saag; Peter Reiss; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Margaret Johnson; Viviane D Lima; Tim R Sterling; Matthias Cavassini; Linda Wittkop; Dominique Costagliola; Jonathan A C Sterne



Determinants of Restoration of CD4 and CD8 Cell Counts and Their Ratio in HIV-1-Positive Individuals with Sustained Virological Suppression on Antiretroviral Therapy

by Luuk Gras; Margaret May; Lars Peter Ryder; Adam Trickey; Marie Helleberg; Niels Obel; Rodolphe Thiebaut; Jodie L. Guest; John Gill; Heidi Crane; Viviane Dias Lima; Antonella D'Arminio Monforte; Timothy R. Sterling; Jose Miro; Santiago Moreno; Christoph Stephan; Colette Smith; Janet Tate; Leah Shepherd; Mike Saag



Long terms trends in CD4+ cell counts, CD8+ cell counts, and the CD4+ :  CD8+ ratio.

by Rachael A. Hughes; Margaret T. May; Kate Tilling; Ninon Taylor; Linda Wittkop; Peter Reiss; John Gill; Philipp Schommers; Dominique Costagliola; Jodie L. Guest; Viviane D. Lima; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Colette Smith; Matthias Cavassini; Michael Saag; Jessica L. Castilho; Jonathan A.C. Sterne



Mortality According to CD4 Count at Start of Combination Antiretroviral Therapy Among HIV-infected Patients Followed for up to 15 Years After Start of Treatment: Collaborative Cohort Study

by Margaret T. May; Jorg-Janne Vehreschild; Adam Trickey; Niels Obel; Peter Reiss; Fabrice Bonnet; Murielle Mary-Krause; Hasina Samji; Matthias Cavassini; Michael John Gill; Leah C. Shepherd; Heidi M. Crane; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Greer A. Burkholder; Margaret M. Johnson; Paz Sobrino-Vegas; Pere Domingo; Robert Zangerle; Amy C. Justice; Timothy R. Sterling; Jose M. Miro; Jonathan A.C. Sterne; Jodie L. Guest



Mortality of treated HIV-1 positive individuals according to viral subtype in Europe and Canada: collaborative cohort analysis

by Margaret T. May; Michael J. Gill; Linda Wittkop; Marina Klein; Caroline Sabin; P. Richard Harrigan; David Dunn; Jorg Janne Vehreschild; Rafael Rubio; Amanda Mocroft; Matthias Cavassini; Peter Reiss; Antonella D'Arminio Monforte; Robert Zangerle; Suzanne M. Ingle; Teresa Hill; Sophie Jose; Jonathan A.C. Sterne; Jodie L. Guest



Reducing HIV vulnerability through a multilevel life skills intervention for adolescent men (the ireach project): Protocol for a randomized controlled trial

by Jose Bauermeister; Patrick S Sullivan; Laura Gravens; James Wolfe; Kristina Countryman; Neena Smith-Bankhead; Ryan A Drab; Gregory Sallabank; Jordan D Helms; Kristie Khatibi; Rebecca Filipowicz; Keith Joseph Horvath; Erin Bonar; Amanda Castel; Lisa Hightow-Weidman; Jodie L. Guest; Robert Stephenson



Cause-specific mortality in HIV-positive patients who survived ten years after starting antiretroviral therapy

by Adam Trickey; Margaret T. May; Janne Vehreschild; Niels Obel; Michael John Gill; Heidi Crane; Christoph Boesecke; Hasina Samji; Sophie Grabar; Charles Cazanave; Matthias Cavassini; Leah Shepherd; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Colette Smit; Michael Saag; Fiona Lampe; Vicky Hernando; Marta Montero; Robert Zangerle; Amy C. Justice; Timothy Sterling; Jose Miro; Suzanne Ingle; Jonathan A. C. Sterne; Jodie L. Guest