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Associations of modern initial antiretroviral drug regimens with all-cause mortality in adults with HIV in Europe and North America: a cohort study

by Adam Trickey; Lei Zhang; John M Gill; Fabrice Bonnet; Greer Burkholder; Antonella Castagna; Matthias Cavassini; Piotr Cichon; Heidi Crane; Pere Domingo; Sophie Grabar; Jodie Guest; Niels Obel; Mina Psichogiou; Marta Rava; Peter Reiss; Christopher T Rentsch; Melchor Riera; Gundolf Schuettfort; Michael J Silverberg; Colette Smith; Melanie Stecher; Timothy R Sterling; Suzanne M Ingle; Caroline A Sabin; Jonathan AC Sterne



Life expectancy after 2015 of adults with HIV on long-term antiretroviral therapy in Europe and North America: a collaborative analysis of cohort studies

by Jodie Guest; A Trickey; CA Sabin; G Burkholder; H Crane; A d'Arminio Monforte; M Egger; MJ Gill; S Grabar; I Jarrin; FC Lampe; N Obel; JM Reyes; C Stephan; TR Sterling; R Teira; G Touloumi; JC Wasmuth; F Wit; L Wittkop; R Zangerle; MJ Silverberg; A Justice; JAC Sterne



Constructing a web-based health directory for adolescent men who have sex with men: Strategies for development and resource verification

by Patrick Sullivan; Jodie Guest; Robert Stephenson; R Drab; JR Wolfe; T Chavanduka; EE Bonar; L Hightow-Weidman; AD Castel; KJ Horvath; J Bauermeister



Methods for Authenticating Participants in Fully Web-Based Mobile App Trials from the iReach Project: Cross-sectional Study

by Jodie Guest; Elizabeth Adam; Iaah L Lucas; Cristian J Chandler; Rebecca Filipowicz; Nicole Luisi; Laura Gravens; Kingsley Leung; Tanaka Chavanduka; Erin E Bonar; Jose A Bauermeister; Rob Stephenson; Patrick Sullivan



Low risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission via fomite, even in cold-chain.

by Julia S Sobolik; Elizabeth T Sajewski; Lee-Ann Jaykus; Kane D Cooper; Benjamin Lopman; Alicia N Kraay; P Ryan; Jodie Guest; Amy Girard; Juan Leon



Training Young Adult Peers in a Mobile Motivational Interviewing-Based Mentoring Approach to Upstream HIV Prevention

by Erin E Bonar; James R Wolfe; Rob Drab; Robert Stephenson; Patrick Sullivan; Tanaka Chavanduka; Benyam Hailu; Jodie Guest; José Bauermeister