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Cause-specific mortality after diagnosis of cancer among HIV-positive patients: A collaborative analysis of cohort studies

by Adam Trickey; Margaret T. May; M. John Gill; Sophie Grabar; Janne Vehreschild; Ferdinand W.N.M. Wit; Fabrice Bonnet; Matthias Cavassini; Sophie Abgrall; Juan Berenguer; Christoph Wyen; Peter Reiss; Katharina Grabmeier-Pfistershammer; Jodie Guest; Leah Shepherd; Ramon Teira; Antonella d'Arminio Monforte; Julia del Amo; Amy Justice; Dominique Costagliola; Jonathan A. C. Sterne



Update: COVID-19 among workers in meat and poultry processing facilities — United States, April–May 2020

by Michelle A. Waltenburg; Tristan Victoroff; Charles E. Rose; Marilee Butterfield; Rachel H. Jervis; Kristen M. Fedak; Julie A. Gabel; Amanda Feldpausch; Eileen M. Dunne; Jodie Guest



Understanding disparities in viral suppression among Black MSM living with HIV in Atlanta Georgia

by Patrick Sullivan; Justin Knox; Jeb Jones; Jennifer Taussig; Mariah Valentine Graves; Greg Millett; Nicole Luisi; Eric Hall; Travis Sanchez; Carlos del Rio; Colleen Kelley; Eli Rosenberg; Jodie Guest



Recurrent Kawasaki disease: USA and Japan

by Ryan A. Maddox; Robert C. Holman; Ritei Uehara; Laura S. Callinan; Jodie L. Guest; Lawrence B. Schonberger; Yosikazu Nakamura; Mayumi Yashiro; Ermias D. Belay