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A new hypothesis for the pathophysiology of symptomatic adult Chiari malformation Type I

by John Oshinski; R Labuda; BST Nwotchouang; A Ibrahimy; PA Allen; P Klinge; F Loth



Method to Create Regional Mechanical Dyssynchrony Maps From Short-Axis Cine Steady-State Free-Precession Images

by Jonathan D. Suever; Brandon K. Fornwalt; Lee R. Neuman; Jana G. Delfino; Michael Lloyd; John Oshinski



Reproducibility of global and segmental myocardial strain using cine DENSE at 3 T: a multicenter cardiovascular magnetic resonance study in healthy subjects and patients with heart disease

by John Oshinski; DA Auger; S Ghadimi; X Cai; CE Reagan; C Sun; M Abdi; JJ Cao; JY Cheng; N Ngai; AD Scott; PF Ferreira; N Emamifar; DB Ennis; M Loecher; Z-Q Liu; P Croisille; M Viallon; KC Bilchick; FH Epstein



Cardiovascular magnetic resonance at 3.0T: Current state of the art

by John Oshinski; Jana G. Delfino; Puneet Sharma; Ahmed M. Gharib; Roderic I. Pettigrew