Jennifer Mulle


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Harnessing rare variants in neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopment disorders-a Keystone Symposia report

by Jennifer Cable; Ryan Purcell; Elise Robinson; Jacob AS Vorstman; Wendy K Chung; John Constantino; Stephan J Sanders; Mustafa Sahin; Ricardo E Dolmetsch; Bina M Shah; Audrey Thurm; Christa L Martin; Carrie E Bearden; Jennifer Mulle




High level of complexity and global diversity of the 3q29 locus revealed by optical mapping and long-read sequencing

by Jennifer Mulle; Michael Zwick; Ryan Purcell; F Yilmaz; U Gurusamy; TJ Mosley; P Hallast; K Kim; Y Mostovoy; TH Shaikh; P-Y Kwok; C Lee



Reciprocal Duplication of the Williams-Beuren Syndrome Deletion on Chromosome 7q11.23 Is Associated with Schizophrenia

by Jennifer Mulle; Ann E. Pulver; John M. McGrath; Paula Wolyniec; Anne F. Dodd; David Cutler; Jonathan Sebat; Dheeraj Malhotra; Gerald Nestadt; Donald F. Conrad; Matthew Hurles; Chris P. Barnes; Masashi Ikeda; Nakao Iwata; Douglas F. Levinson; Pablo V. Gejman; Alan R. Sanders; Jubao Duan; Adele A. Mitchell; Inga Peter; Pamela Sklar; Colm T. O'Dushlaine; Detelina Grozeva; Michael C. O'Donovan; Michael J. Owen; Christina M. Hultman; Anna K. Kahler; Patrick F. Sullivan; George Kirov; Stephen Warren