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Signatures of founder effects, admixture, and selection in the Ashkenazi Jewish population

by Steven M. Bray; Jennifer Mulle; Anne F Dodd; Ann E. Pulver; Stephen Wooding; Stephen T. Warren



Diverse mutational mechanisms cause pathogenic subtelomeric rearrangements

by Yue Luo; Karen E. Hermetz; Jodi M. Jackson; Jennifer Mulle; Anne F Dodd; Karen D. Tsuchiya; Blake C. Ballif; Lisa G. Shaffer; Jannine D. Cody; David H. Ledbetter; Christa Lese Martin; Katie Rudd



Maternal smoking, xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme gene variants, and gastroschisis risk

by Mary M. Jenkins; Jennita Reefhuis; Margaret L. Gallagher; Jennifer Mulle; Thomas J. Hoffmann; Deborah A. Koontz; Cynthia Sturchio; Sonja A. Rasmussen; John S. Witte; Patricia Richter; Margaret A. Honein



A framework for the investigation of rare genetic disorders in neuropsychiatry

by Jennifer Mulle; SJ Sanders; M Sahin; J Hostyk; A Thurm; S Jacquemont; P Avillach; E Douard; CL Martin; ME Modi; A Moreno-De-Luca; A Raznahan; A Anticevic; R Dolmetsch; G Feng; DH Geschwind; DC Glahn; DB Goldstein; DH Ledbetter; SP Pasca; R Samaco; J Sebat; A Pariser; T Lehner; RE Gur; CE Bearden



The Thanatomicrobiome: A Missing Piece of the Microbial Puzzle of Death

by Gulnaz T. Javan; Sheree J. Finley; Zain Abidin; Jennifer Mulle