John M Rhee MD


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Cervical kinematic change after posterior full-endoscopic cervical foraminotomy for disc herniation or foraminal stenosis

by Seungyoon Paik; Yunhee Choi; Chun Kee Chung; Young II Won; Sung Bae Park; Seung Heon Yang; Chang-Hyun Lee; John Rhee; Kyoung-Tae Kim; Chi Heon Kim



Nationwide sample data analysis of additional surgery rate after anterior or posterior cervical spinal surgery

by Woon Tak Yuh; Minjung Kim; Yunhee Choi; Junghoon Han; Junhoe Kim; Taeshin Kim; Chun Kee Chung; Chang-Hyun Lee; Sung Bae Park; Kyoung-Tae Kim; John Rhee; Moon Soo Park; Chi H Kim



A cost-utility analysis between decompression only and fusion surgery for elderly patients with lumbar spinal stenosis and sagittal imbalance

by Young Il Won; Chi Heon Kim; Hee-Pyoung Park; Sun Gun Chung; Woon Tak Yuh; Shih Won Kwon; Seung Heon Yang; Chang-Huyn Lee; Yunhee Choi; Sung Bae Park; John Rhee; Kyoung-Tae Kim; Chun Kee Chung



Hospital Burdens of Patients With Cerebral Palsy Undergoing Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis

by Albert T Anastasio; Ndeye F Guisse; Kevin X Farley; John Rhee



A comparison of computed tomography measures for diagnosing cervical spinal stenosis associated with myelopathy: A case-control study

by Brett A. Freedman; C. Edward Hoffler; Brian M. Cameron; John Rhee; M Bawa; DG Malone; M Bent; Sangwook Yoon



Mechanical Failure After Total En Bloc Spondylectomy and Salvage Surgery

by Shin W Kwon; Chun Kee Chung; Young II Won; Woon Tak Yuh; Sung Bae Park; Seung Heon Yang; Chang Hyun Lee; John Rhee; Kyoung-Tae Kim; Chi Heon Kim