James M Hughes MD

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Phone: 404-727-3113

Email: jmhughe@emory.edu

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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Global Public Health Security

by Guénaël Rodier; Allison L Greenspan; James M Hughes; David L Heymann



Saving Lives through Global Safe Water.

by James M Hughes; Jeffrey P Koplan



Bioterrorism-related inhalational anthrax: The first 10 cases reported in the United States

by John A Jernigan; David S Stephens; David A. Ashford; Carlos Omenaca; Martin S. Topiel; Mark Galbraith; Michael Tapper; Tamara L. Fisk Fisk; Sherif Zaki; Tanja Popovic; Richard F. Meyer; Conrad P. Quinn; Scott A. Harper; Scott K. Fridkin; James J. Sejvar; Colin W. Shepard; Michelle McConnell; Jeannette Guarner; Wun- Ju Shieh; Jean M. Malecki; Julie L. Gerberding; James M Hughes; Bradley A. Perkins; Phyllis E Kozarsky



CDC Grand Rounds: Discovering New Diseases via Enhanced Partnership Between Public Health and Pathology Experts

by Sherif Zaki; Dianna M. Blau; James M Hughes; Kurt B. Nolte; Ruth Lynfield; Wendy Carr; Tanja Popovic



Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19

by Charles Calisher; Dennis Carroll; Rita Colwell; Ronald B. Corley; Peter Daszak; Christian Drosten; Luis Enjuanes; Jeremy Farrar; Hume Field; Josie Golding; Alexander Gorbalenya; Bart Haagmans; James Hughes; William B. Karesh; Gerald T. Keusch; Sai Kit Lam; Juan Lubroth; John S. Mackenzie; Larry Madoff; Jonna Mazet; Peter Palese; Stanley Perlman; Leo Poon; Bernard Roizman; Linda Saif; Kanta Subbarao; Mike Turner



Emerging infectious determinants of chronic diseases

by Siobhan M. O'Connor; Christopher E. Taylor; James Hughes



Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats Tabletop Exercise: Foodborne Toxoplasmosis Outbreak on College Campuses

by J. Glenn Morris; Allison Greenspan; Kelly Howell; Lisa M. Gargano; Joanne Mitchell; Jeffrey L. Jones; Morris Potter; Alexander Isakov; Christopher Woods; James M Hughes