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Microarray analysis of the human antibody response to synthetic Cryptosporidium glycopeptides

by Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Jeffrey W. Priest; David Live; Geert-Jan Boons; Xuezheng Song; Richard Cummings; Jan R Mead



Validation of IMP Dehydrogenase Inhibitors in a Mouse Model of Cryptosporidiosis

by Suresh Kumar Gorla; Nina N. McNair; Guangyi Yang; Song Gao; Ming Hu; Venkatakrishna R. Jala; Bodduluri Haribabu; Boris Striepen; Gregory D. Cuny; Jan Mead; Lizbeth Hedstrom



Phthalazinone inhibitors of inosine-5 '-monophosphate dehydrogenase from Cryptosporidium parvum

by Corey R. Johnson; Suresh Kumar Gorla; Mandapati Kavitha; Minjia Zhang; Xiaoping Liu; Boris Striepen; Jan R Mead; Gregory D. Cuny; Lizbeth Hedstrom