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Association Between Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Young Adults' Self-reported Abstinence

by Ralph J. DiClemente; Jessica Sales; Fred Danner; Richard A. Crosby



Multiple Method Contraception Use among African American Adolescents in Four US Cities

by Jennifer L. Brown; Michael Hennessy; Jessica Sales; Ralph Joseph Diclemente; Laura F. Salazar; Peter A. Vanable; Michael P. Carey; Daniel Romer; Robert F. Valois; Larry K. Brown; Bonita Stanton



Development, Theoretical Framework, and Evaluation of a Parent and Teacher–Delivered Intervention on Adolescent Vaccination

by Lisa M. Gargano; Natasha L. Herbert; Julia Painter; Jessica Sales; Tara M. Vogt; Christopher Morfaw; LaDawna M. Jones; Dennis Murray; Ralph Diclemente; James Hughes