Joel M Bowman PhD


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Observation of the Low-Frequency Spectrum of the Water Dimer as a Sensitive Test of the Water Dimer Potential and Dipole Moment Surfaces

by Dr. Raffael Schwan; Dr. Chen Qu; Dr. Devendra Mani; Nitish Pal; Dr. Lex van der Meer; Dr. Britta Redlich; Prof. Claude Leforestier; Joel Bowman; Gerhard Schwaab; Prof. Martina Havenith



Intersystem crossing and dynamics in O(3P) + C2H4 multichannel reaction: Experiment validates theory

by Bina Fu; Yong-Chang Han; Joel M Bowman; Luca Angelucci; Nadia Balucani; Francesca Leonori; Piergiorgio Casavecchia



Observation of the Low-Frequency Spectrum of the Water Trimer as a Sensitive Test of the Water-Trimer Potential and the Dipole-Moment Surface

by Raffael Schwan; Chen Qu; Devendra Mani; Nitish Pal; Gerhard Schwaab; Joel Bowman; Gregory S. Tschumper; Martina Havenith



Infrared identification of the Criegee intermediates syn- and anti-CH3CHOO, and their distinct conformation-dependent reactivity

by Hui-Yu Lin; Yu-Hsuan Huang ; Xiaohong Wang; Joel Bowman; Henryk Witek; Yoshifumi Nishimura; Yuan-Pern Lee



Roaming is the dominant mechanism for molecular products in acetaldehyde photodissociation

by Brianna R. Heazlewood; Meredith J. T. Jordan; Scott H. Kable; Talitha M. Selby; David L. Osborn; Benjamin C. Shepler; Bastiaan J. Braams; Joel M Bowman