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ChIP-seq analysis of genomic binding regions of five major transcription factors highlights a central role for ZIC2 in the mouse epiblast stem cell gene regulatory network

by Kazunari Matsuda; Tomoyuki Mikami; Shinya Oki; Hideaki Iida; Munazah Andrabi; Jeremy Boss; Katsushi Yamaguchi; Shuji Shigenobu; Hisato Kondoh



Chronic virus infection enforces demethylation of the locus that encodes PD-1 in antigen-specific CD8+ T cells

by Benjamin Alan Youngblood; Kenneth J. Oestreich; Sang-Jun Ha; Jaikumar Duraiswamy; Rama Akondy; Erin E. West; Zhengyu Wei; Peiyuan Lu; James W. Austin; James L. Riley; Jeremy Boss; Rafi Ahmed



Transcription factor T-bet represses expression of the inhibitory receptor PD-1 and sustains virus-specific CD8(+) T cell responses during chronic infection

by Carlly Kao; Kenneth J. Oestreich; Michael A. Paley; Alison Crawford; Jill M. Angelosanto; Mohammed-Alkhatim A. Ali; Andrew M. Intlekofer; Jeremy Boss; Steven L. Reiner; Amy S. Weinmann; E. John Wherry



Balancing Selection on a Regulatory Region Exhibiting Ancient Variation That Predates Human-Neandertal Divergence

by Omer Gokcumen; Qihui Zhu; Lubbertus C. F. Mulder; Rebecca C. Iskow; Christian Austermann; Christopher Scharer; Towfique Raj; Jeremy Boss; Shamil Sunyaev; Alkes Price; Barbara Stranger; Viviana Simon; Charles Lee