Jane Meisel


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Evaluation of Prognosis in Hormone Receptor-Positive/HER2-Negative and Lymph Node-Negative Breast Cancer With Low Oncotype DX Recurrence Score

by Jane Meisel; Chao Zhang; Cameron Neely; Pia Menduza; Shuo You; Tatiana Han; Yuan Liu; Aysegul A. Sahin; Ruth O'Regan; Xiaoxian Li



Diverse BRCA1 and BRCA2 Reversion Mutations in Circulating Cell-Free DNA of Therapy-Resistant Breast or Ovarian Cancer

by Britta Weigelt; Inaki Comino-Mendez; Ino de Bruijn; Lei Tian; Jane Meisel; Isaac Garcia-Murillas; Charlotte Fribbens; Ros Cutts; Luciano G Martelotto; Charlotte KY Ng; Raymond S Lim; Pier Selenica; Salvatore Piscuoglio; Carol Aghajanian; Larry Norton; Rajmohan Murali; David M Hyman; Laetitia Borsu; Maria E Arcila; Jason Konner; Jorge S Reis-Filho; Roger A Greenberg; Mark E Robson; Nicholas C Turner



Wilms’ tumor of the ovary

by Vinita M. Alexander; Jane Meisel; Shannon O'Brien; Namita Khanna