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The 3.2 angstrom structure of a bioengineered variant of blood coagulation factor VIII indicates two conformations of the C2 domain

by Ian W. Smith; Anne E. d'Aquino; Christopher W. Coyle; Andrew Fedanov; Ernest T. Parker; Gabriela Denning; H Trent Spencer; John Lollar; Christopher Doering; P. Clint Spiegel. Jr.



Lentiviral Vector Platform for Production of Bioengineered Recombinant Coagulation Factor VIII

by Harold Trent Spencer; Gabriela Denning; Richard E Gautney; Boro Dropulic; Andre J Roy; Lajos Baranyi; Bagirath Gangadharan; Ernest Theodore Parker; Pete Lollar; Christopher Doering



Characterization of a genetically engineered mouse model of hemophilia A with complete deletion of the F8 gene

by Brittany N. Chao; Wallace H. Baldwin; John F. Healey; Ernest T. Parker; Kimberly Shafer-Weaver; Courtney Cox; Ping Jiang; Chrysi Kanellopoulou; John Lollar; Shannon Meeks; Michael J. Lenardo



Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Oxidized Recombinant Full-Length Factor VIII

by Philip M. Zakas; John F. Healey; Ian W. Smith; David Lillicrap; Pete Lollar



Gene editing in CHO cells to prevent proteolysis and enhance glycosylation: Production of HIV envelope proteins as vaccine immunogens

by Sophia W. Li; Meredith Wright; John F. Healey; Jennie M. Hutchinson; Sara O'Rourke; Kathryn Mesa; John Lollar; Phillip W. Berman



Structural basis of transcriptional regulation by the HigA antitoxin

by Marc C. Schureck; Jeffrey Meisner; Eric D. Hoffer; Dongxue Wang; Nina Onuoha; Shein Ei Cho; John Lollar; Christine Dunham



Characterization and Solution Structure of the Factor VIII C2 Domain in a Ternary Complex with Classical and Non-classical Inhibitor Antibodies

by Justin D. Walter; Rachel A. Werther; Maria S. Polozova; Julie Pohlman; John F. Healey; John Lollar; Shannon Meeks; P. Clint Spiegel



Delimiting the autoinhibitory module of von Willebrand factor

by Wei Deng; Kayleigh M. Voos; Jennifer K. Colucci; Emily R. Legan; Eric Ortlund; John Lollar; Renhao Li