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Desialylation of O-glycans activates von Willebrand factor by destabilizing its autoinhibitory module

by Kayleigh M Voos; Wenpeng Cao; Nicholas A Arce; Emily R Legan; Yingchun Wang; Asif Shajahan; Parastoo Azadi; John Lollar; Frank X Zhang; Renhao Li



Structure of coagulation factor VIII bound to a patient-derived anti-C1 domain antibody inhibitor

by Christopher Doering; John Lollar; KC Childers; NG Avery; KAE Alamo; O Davulcu; RM Haynes; CH Coxon; PC Spiegel Jr



Subunit Flexibility of Multimeric von Willebrand Factor/Factor VIII Complexes

by Ernest T Parker; Sandra L Haberichter; Pete Lollar



Identification of coagulation factor IX variants with enhanced activity through ancestral sequence reconstruction

by Kristopher A Knight; Christopher W Coyle; Caelan E Radford; Ernest T Parker; Andrew Fedanov; Jordan M Shields; Fania Szlam; Anatolii Purchel; Michelle Chen; Gabriela Denning; Roman Sniecinski; John Lollar; H Trent Spencer; Eric A Gaucher; Christopher Doering




Structure of Blood Coagulation Factor VIII in Complex With an Anti-C2 Domain Non-Classical, Pathogenic Antibody Inhibitor

by Estelle K Ronayne; Shuan C Peters; Joseph S Gish; Celena Wilson; H Trent Spencer; Christopher Doering; John Lollar; Clint P Spiegel; Kenneth C Childers



The 3.2 angstrom structure of a bioengineered variant of blood coagulation factor VIII indicates two conformations of the C2 domain

by Ian W. Smith; Anne E. d'Aquino; Christopher W. Coyle; Andrew Fedanov; Ernest T. Parker; Gabriela Denning; H Trent Spencer; John Lollar; Christopher Doering; P. Clint Spiegel. Jr.



Lentiviral Vector Platform for Production of Bioengineered Recombinant Coagulation Factor VIII

by Harold Trent Spencer; Gabriela Denning; Richard E Gautney; Boro Dropulic; Andre J Roy; Lajos Baranyi; Bagirath Gangadharan; Ernest Theodore Parker; Pete Lollar; Christopher Doering