Jennifer Lee


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A preliminary investigation of sleep quality and patient-reported outcomes in pediatric solid organ transplant candidates

by Ana M. Gutierrez-Colina; Grace K. Cushman; Cyd K. Eaton; Lauren F. Quast; Jennifer Lee; Kristin L. Rich; Bonney Reed-Knight; Laura Mee; Rene Romero; Chad Mao; Roshan George; Ronald L. Blount



Recommendations for the surveillance of mental health problems in childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer survivors: a report from the International Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Guideline Harmonization Group

by Jordan Marchak; Salome Christen; Renée L Mulder; Katja Baust; Johana MC Blom; Tara M Brinkman; Iris Elens; Erika Harju; Nina S Kadan-Lottick; Joel WT Khor; Jurgen Lemiere; Christopher J Recklitis; Claire E Wakefield; Lori Wiener; Louis S Constine; Melissa M Hudson; Leontien CM Kremer; Roderick Skinner; Janine Vetsch; Jennifer Lee; Gisela Michel



Outcomes of a Live Messaging, Blended Care Coaching Program Among Adults With Symptoms of Anxiety: Pragmatic Retrospective Cohort Study

by Jocelynn T Owusu; Pam Wang; Robert E Wickham; Sarah F Smith; Jennifer Lee; Connie Chen; Anita Lungu