John Lindo


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Genomic evidence for adaptation to tuberculosis in the Andes before European contact

by Sophie K Joseph; Nicola R Migliore; Anna Olivieri; Antonio Torroni; Amanda C Owings; Michael DeGiorgio; Wladimir G Ordóñez; Ortiz J.J Aguilú; Fabricio González-Andrade; Alessandro Achilli; John Lindo



Genomic evidence for ancient human migration routes along South America's Atlantic coast

by Andre Luiz Campelo Dos Santos; Amanda Owings; Henry Socrates Lavalle Sullasi; Omer Gokcumen; Michael Degiorgio; John Lindo



The genetic prehistory of the Andean highlands 7000 years BP though European contact

by John Lindo; Randall Haas; Courtney Hofman; Mario Apata; Mauricio Moraga; Ricardo A. Verdugo; James T. Watson; Carlos Viviano Llave; David Witonsky; Cynthia Beall; Christina Warinner; John Novembre; Mark Aldenderfer; Anna Di Rienzo