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Prevalence and risk factors of anemia in the mother–child population from a region of the Colombian Caribbean

by Juan Leon; L Del Castillo; N Cardona-Castro; DR Whelan; JP Builes; H Serrano-Coll; M Arboleda



Norovirus transmission mitigation strategies during simulated produce harvest and packing

by Julia S Sobolik; Kira L Newman; Lee-Ann Jaykus; Elizabeth A Bihn; Juan Leon



Norovirus Infectivity in Humans and Persistence in Water

by Scot R. Seitz; Juan Leon; Kellogg J. Schwab; G Marshall Lyon III; Melissa Dowd; Marisa McDaniels; Gwen Abdulhafid; Marina L. Fernandez; Lisa C. Lindesmith; Ralph S. Baric; Christine L Moe



Randomized, Double-Blinded Clinical Trial for Human Norovirus Inactivation in Oysters by High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing

by Juan Leon; David H. Kingsley; Julia S. Montes; Gary P. Richards; G Marshall Lyon III; Gwen M. Abdulhafid; Scot R. Seitz; Marina L. Fernandez; Peter Teunis; George J. Flick; Christine L Moe



Cost-Effectiveness of Rotavirus Vaccination in Bolivia from the State Perspective

by Emily R. Smith; Emily E. Rowlinson; Volga Iniguez; Kizee A. Etienne; Rosario Rivera; Nataniel Mamani; Rick Rheingans; Maritza Patzi; Percy Halkyer; Juan S. Leon



User satisfaction with the Family Health Program in Vespasiano, Minas Gerais, Brazil

by Katherine E. Mues; Joana C. Resende; Otavio C. dos Santos; Lilian G. Perez; Jose A. Ferreira; Juan S. Leon



Professional and community satisfaction with the Brazilian family health strategy

by Lilian G. Perez; Juliet D. Sheridan; Andrea Y. Nicholls; Katherine E. Mues; Priscila S. Saleme; Joana C. Resende; Jose A. G. Ferreira; Juan Leon