James L Bailey MD


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Calcineurin signaling and PGC-1? expression are suppressed during muscle atrophy due to diabetes

by Tiffany K. Roberts-Wilson; Ramesh N. Reddy; James L Bailey; Bin Zheng; Ronald Ordas; Jennifer Gooch; Russ Price



Adaptive physiological water conservation explains hypertension and muscle catabolism in experimental chronic renal failure

by Johannes Kovarik; Norihiko Morisawa; Johannes Wild; Adriana Marton; Kaooru Takase-Minegishi; Shintaro Minegishi; Steffen Daub; Jeff Sands; Janet Klein; James Bailey; Jean-Paul Kovalik; Manfred Rauh; Susanne Karbach; Karl Hilgers; Friedrich Luft; Akira Nishiyama; Daisuke Nakano; Kento Kitada; Jens Titze



Angiotensin II acts through the angiotensin 1a receptor to upregulate pendrin

by Jill W. Verlander; Seongun Hong; Vladimir Pech; James L Bailey; Diana Agazatian; Sharon W. Matthews; Thomas M. Coffman; Thu Le; Tadashi Inagami; Florence M. Whitehill; I. David Weiner; Donna B. Farley; Young Hee Kim; Susan M Wall