James J Lah MD/PhD


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Differential Effects of Allosteric M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonists on Receptor Activation, Arrestin 3 Recruitment, and Receptor Downregulation

by Albert A. Davis; Craig Heilman; Ashley E. Brady; Nicole R. Miller; Maya Fuerstenau-Sharp; Bonnie J. Hanson; Craig W. Lindsley; P. Jeffrey Conn; James J Lah; Allan I Levey



Proteomic identification of novel proteins associated with Lewy bodies

by Qiangwei Xia; Lujian Liao; Dongmei Cheng; Duc Duong; Marla Gearing; James J Lah; Allan I Levey; Junmin Peng



Loss of LR11/SORLA Enhances Early Pathology in a Mouse Model of Amyloidosis: Evidence for a Proximal Role in Alzheimer’s Disease

by Sara E. Dodson; Olav M. Andersen; Vinit Karmali; Jason Jon Fritz; Dongmei Cheng; Junmin Peng; Allan I Levey; Thomas E. Willnow; James J Lah