Jennifer Kwong


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The mammalian phosphate carrier SLC25A3 is a mitochondrial copper transporter required for cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis

by Aren Boulet; Katherine E. Vest; Margaret K. Maynard; Micah G. Gammon; Antoinette Russell; Alexander T. Mathews; Shelbie E. Cole; Xinyu Zhu; Casey B. Phillips; Jennifer Kwong; Sheel C. Dodani; Scot C. Leary; Paul A. Cobine



Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in heart disease

by Jessica N. Peoples; Anita Saraf; Nasab Ghazal; Tyler T. Pham; Jennifer Kwong



Systems Analysis of the 22q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome Converges on a Mitochondrial Interactome Necessary for Synapse Function and Behavior

by Avanti Gokhale; Cortnie Hartwig; Amanda A Freeman; Julia L. Bassell; Stephanie Zlatic; Christie Sapp Savas; Trishna Vadlamudi; Farida Abudulai; Tyler T. Pham; Amanda Crocker; Erica Werner; Zhexing Wen; Gabriela M Repetto; Joseph A. Gogos; Steven M. Claypool; Jennifer K. Forsyth; Carrie E. Bearden; Jill Glausier; David A. Lewis; Nicholas Seyfried; Jennifer Kwong; Victor Faundez



Thrombospondin expression in myofibers stabilizes muscle membranes

by Davy Vanhoutte; Tobias G. Schips; Jennifer Kwong; Jennifer Q. Davis; Andoria Tjondrokoesoemo; Matthew J. Brody; Michelle A. Sargent; Onur Kanisicak; Hong Yi; Quan Q. Gao; Joseph E. Rabinowitz; Talila Volk; Elizabeth M. McNally; Jeffery D. Molkentin