Jeffrey P Koplan MD/MPH

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Phone: 404-778-2444


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Sr Advisor, Global Health Inst

EVP Health Affairs

Exec.V.P. for Health Affairs

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Works 1-9 of 9


Initial findings from a novel population-based child mortality surveillance approach: a descriptive study

by Robert Breiman; Jeffrey Koplan; AW Taylor; DM Blau; Q Bassat; D Onyango; KL Kotloff; S El Arifeen; I Mandomando; R Chawana; VL Baillie; V Akelo; MD Tapia; NT Salzberg; AM Keita; T Morris; S Nair; N Assefa; AC Seale; JAG Scott; R Kaiser; A Jambai; BAT Barr; ES Gurley; J Ordi; SR Zaki; SO Sow; F Islam; A Rahman; SF Dowell; PL Raghunathan; SA Madhi



Smoking behaviours and cessation services among male physicians in China: evidence from a structural equation model

by Cheng Huang; Chaoran Guo; Shaohua Yu; Yan Feng; Julia Song; Michael Eriksen; Pam Redmon; Jeffrey Koplan



Health system reform in China 2 Emergence and control of infectious diseases in China

by Jeffrey Koplan; L Wang; Y Wang; S Jin; Z Wu; DP Chin; ME Wilson



MHealth Intervention is Effective in Creating Smoke-Free Homes for Newborns: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study in China

by Shaohua Yu; Zongshuan Duan; Pamela B. Redmon; Michael P. Eriksen; Jeffrey Koplan; Cheng Huang



Clinical trial data sharing: Here's the challenge

by Sonali Kochhar; Bartha Knoppers; Carrol Gamble; Alan Chant; Jeffrey Koplan; Georgina S. Humphreys



The Role of Cities in Reducing Smoking in China

by Pamela Redmon; Jeffrey Koplan; Michael Eriksen; Shuyang Li; Wang Kean



Mortality Surveillance Methods to Identify and Characterize Deaths in Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance Network Sites

by Navit T Salzberg; Kasthuri Sivalogan; Quique Bassat; Allan W Taylor; Sunday Adedini; Shams El Arifeen; Nega Assefa; Dianna M Blau; Richard Chawana; Carrie Jo Cain; Kevin P Cain; J Patrick Caneer; Mischka Garel; Emily S Gurley; Reinhard Kaiser; Karen L Kotloff; Inacio Mandomando; Timothy Morris; Jeffrey Koplan; Robert Breiman