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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Clinical, Virologic, and Immunologic Characteristics of Zika Virus Infection in a Cohort of US Patients: Prolonged RNA Detection in Whole Blood

by Hana M El Sahly; Rodion Gorchakov; Lilin Lai; Muktha S Natrajan; Shital M Patel; Robert L Atmar; Wendy A Keitel; Daniel F Hoft; Jill Barrett; Jason Bailey; Srilatha Edupuganti; Vanessa Raabe; Henry Wu; Jessica Fairley; Nadine Rouphael; Kristy O Murray; Mark Mulligan



Trends of leprosy and multibacillary infection in the state of Georgia since the early 1900s

by Carter D. McCormick; Jacqueline Lea; Barbara M. Stryjewska; Ashton Thompson; Jessica Fairley



Birthweight in Offspring of Mothers with High Prevalence of Helminth and Malaria Infection in Coastal Kenya

by Jessica K. Fairley; Donal Bisanzio; Charles H. King; Uriel Kitron; Peter Mungai; Eric Muchiri; Christopher L. King; Indu Malhotra



A tale of two neglected tropical infections: using GIS to assess the spatial and temporal overlap of schistosomiasis and leprosy in a region of Minas Gerais, Brazil

by David Alexander Phillips; Jose Antonio Ferreira; Deidra Ansah; Herica S. A. Teixeira; Uriel Kitron; Thelma de Filippis; Marcelo H. de Alcântara; Jessica Fairley



Innate, T-, and B-Cell Responses in Acute Human Zika Patients

by Lilin Lai; Nadine Rouphael; Yongxian Xu; Muktha Natrajan; Allison Beck; Mari Hart; Matthew Feldhammer; Amanda Feldpausch; Charles Hill; Henry Wu; Jessica K. Fairley; Pamela Lankford-Turner; Nicole Kasher; Patrick Rago; Yijuan Hu; Srilatha Edupuganti; Shital M. Patel; Kristy O. Murray; Mark Mulligan



Refusal of recommended travel-related vaccines among U.S. international travellers in Global TravEpiNet

by Sara M. Lammert; Sowmya R. Rao; Emily S. Jentes; Jessica Fairley; Stefanie Erskine; Allison T. Walker; Stefan H. Hagmann; Mark J. Sotir; Edward T. Ryan; Regina C. LaRocque