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Neural correlates of verbal memory in youth with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure

by Lauren A. Gross; Eileen M. Moore; Jeffrey R. Wozniak; Claire Coles; Julie A Kable; Elizabeth R. Sowell; Kenneth L. Jones; Edward P. Riley; Sarah N. Mattson



Implications of altered maternal cytokine concentrations on infant outcomes in children with prenatal alcohol exposure

by K.D. Sowell; J.Y. Uriu-Adams; J. Van de Water; C.D. Chambers; Claire Coles; Julie A Kable; L. Yevtushok; N. Zymak-Zakutnya; W. Wertelecki; C.L. Keen



Functional connectivity abnormalities and associated cognitive deficits in fetal alcohol Spectrum disorders (FASD)

by Jeffrey R. Wozniak; Bryon A. Mueller; Sarah N. Mattson; Claire Coles; Julie Kable; Kenneth L. Jones; Christopher J. Boys; Kelvin O. Lim; Edward P. Riley; Elizabeth R. Sowell



The impact of micronutrient supplementation in alcohol-exposed pregnancies on information processing skills in Ukrainian infants

by Julie Kable; Claire Coles; C.L. Keen; J.Y. Uriu-Adams; K.L. Jones; L. Yevtushok; Y. Kulikovsky; W. Wertelecki; T.L. Pedersen; C.D. Chambers



Relation Between Oppositional/Conduct Behaviors and Executive Function Among Youth with Histories of Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

by Lauren R. Doyle; Leila Glass; Jeffrey R. Wozniak; Julie Kable; Edward P. Riley; Claire Coles; Elizabeth R. Sowell; Kenneth Lyons Jones; Sarah N. Mattson



Cardiac Orienting Responses Differentiate the Impact of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in Ukrainian Toddlers

by Julie Kable; Claire Coles; Kenneth L. Jones; Lyubov Yevtushok; Yaroslav Kulikovsky; Wladimir Wertelecki; Christina D. Chambers