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Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder on Adaptive Functioning

by Ashley L. Ware; Leila Glass; Nicole Crocker; Benjamin N. Deweese; Claire Coles; Julie A Kable; Phillip A. May; Wendy O. Kalberg; Elizabeth R. Sowell; Kenneth Lyons Jones; Edward P. Riley; Sarah N. Mattson



Altered Maternal Plasma Fatty Acid Composition by Alcohol Consumption and Smoking during Pregnancy and Associations with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

by Julie Kable; Claire Coles; KD Sowell; RR Holt; JY Uriu-Adams; CD Chambers; L Yevtushok; N Zymak-Zakutnya; W Wertelecki; CL Keen



The Clinical Utility and Specificity of Parent Report of Executive Function among Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

by Tanya T. Nguyen; Leila Glass; Claire Coles; Julie A Kable; Philip A. May; Wendy O. Kalberg; Elizabeth R. Sowell; Kenneth L. Jones; Edward P. Riley; Sarah N. Mattson



Interventions for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDS): Overview of findings for five innovative research projects

by Jacquelyn Bertrand; R. Louise Floyd; Mary J. O'Connor; Fred Frankel; Blair Paley; Claire Coles; Julie Kable; Elles Taddeo; Donna Dent; Ira Chasnoff; Anne Wells; Greg Bailey; Robert Gurwitch; John Mulvhill; Mark Chaffin; Matthew Grim; Heather Carmichael-Olson; Susan Astley



The Use of Cardiac Orienting Responses as an Early and Scalable Biomarker of Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Impairment

by Diego A. Mesa; Julie Kable; Claire Coles; Kenneth Lyons Jones; Lyubov Yevtushok; Yaroslav Kulikovsky; Wladimir Wertelecki; Todd P. Coleman; Christina D. Chambers



Cortical gyrification is abnormal in children with prenatal alcohol exposure

by Timothy J. Hendrickson; Bryon A. Mueller; Elizabeth R. Sowell; Sarah N. Mattson; Claire Coles; Julie Kable; Kenneth L. Jones; Christopher J. Boys; Kelvin O. Lim; Edward P. Riley; Jeffrey R. Wozniak



Best Practices for Engaging Pregnant and Postpartum Women at Risk of Substance Use in Longitudinal Research Studies: a Qualitative Examination of Participant Preferences.

by Lana O. Beasley; Lucia Ciciolla; Jens E. Jespersen; Ashleigh L. Chiaf; Mallory Schmidt; Karina M. Shreffler; Florence J. Breslin; Ludmila N. Bakhireva; Pilar M. Sanjuan; Julia M. Stephen; Claire Coles; Christina D. Chambers; Julie Kable; Lawrence Leeman; Lynn T. Singer; Jennifer Zellner; Amanda S. Morris; Julie M. Croff