Jesse Waggoner


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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Malaria and Chikungunya Detected Using Molecular Diagnostics Among Febrile Kenyan Children

by Jesse Waggoner; Julie Brichard; Francis Mutuku; Bryson Ndenga; Claire Jane Heath; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; Malaya K. Sahoo; John Vulule; Martina Lefterova; Niaz Banaei; Dunstan Mukoko; Benjamin A. Pinsky; A. Desiree LaBeaud



Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, and Dengue Virus in Cerebrospinal Fluid from Adults with Neurological Manifestations, Guayaquil, Ecuador

by Nathalie Acevedo; Jesse Waggoner; Michelle Rodriguez; Lissette Rivera; José Landivar; Benjamin Pinsky; Hector Zambrano



Viremia and Clinical Presentation in Nicaraguan Patients Infected With Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, and Dengue Virus

by Jesse Waggoner; Lionel Gresh; Maria Jose Jose Vargas; Gabriela Ballesteros; Yolanda Tellez; K. James Soda; Malaya K. Sahoo; Andrea Nunez; Angel Balmaseda; Eva Harris; Benjamin A. Pinsky



Internally Controlled, Multiplex Real-Time Reverse Transcription PCR for Dengue Virus and Yellow Fever Virus Detection

by Alehandta Rojas; Cheikh T. Diagne; Victoria D. Stittleburg; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; Yvalena Arevalo de Guillen; Angel Balmaseda; Oumar Faye; Ousmane Faye; Amadou A. Sall; Eva Harris; Benjamin A. Pinsky; Jesse Waggoner



Single-Reaction, Multiplex, Real-Time RT-PCR for the Detection, Quantitation, and Serotyping of Dengue Viruses

by Jesse Waggoner; Janaki Abeynayake; Malaya K. Sahoo; Lionel Gresh; Yolanda Tellez; Karla Gonzalez; Gabriela Ballesteros; Anna M. Pierro; Paolo Gaibani; Frances P. Guo; Vittorio Sambri; Angel Balmaseda; Kumudu Karunaratne; Eva Harris; Benjamin A. Pinsky



Reverse-Transcriptase PCR Detection of Leptospira: Absence of Agreement with Single-Specimen Microscopic Agglutination Testing

by Jesse Waggoner; Ilana Balassiano; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; Juliana Magalhães Vital-Brazil; Malaya K. Sahoo; Benjamin A. Pinsky



Sensitive Real-Time PCR Detection of Pathogenic Leptospira spp. and a Comparison of Nucleic Acid Amplification Methods for the Diagnosis of Leptospirosis

by Jesse Waggoner; Ilana Balassiano; Janaki Abeynayake; Malaya K. Sahoo; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; Yuanyuan Liu; Juliana Magalhães Vital-Brazil; Benjamin A. Pinsky



Development of a Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction for O’nyong-nyong Virus and Evaluation with Clinical and Mosquito Specimens from Kenya

by Jesse J. Waggoner; Claire Jane Heath; Bryson Ndenga; Francis Mutuku; Malaya K. Sahoo; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; John Vulule; Dunstan Mukoko; A. Desiree LaBeaud; Benjamin A. Pinsky