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Real-time RT-PCR for the detection and quantitation of Oropouche virus

by Alejandra Rojas; Victoria Stittleburg; Fátima Cardozo; Nathen Bopp; César Cantero; Sanny Lopez; Cynthia Bernal; Laura Mendoza; Patricia Aguilar; Benjamin A. Pinsky; Yvalena Guillen; Malvina Paez; Jesse Waggoner



SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Paraguay: Detection and Surveillance with an Economical and Scalable Molecular Protocol

by Jesse Waggoner; M Martinez; P-V Nguyen; M Su; F Cardozo; A Valenzuela; L Franco; ME Galeano; LE Rojas; CCD Acosta; J Fernandez; J Ortiz; F Del Puerto; L Mendoza; E Nara; A Rojas



Don’t forget about human factors: Lessons learned from COVID-19 point-of-care testing

by Sarah Farmer; Victoria Razin; Amanda Foster Peagler; Samantha Strickler; W. Bradley Fain; Gregory L. Damhorst; Russell Kempker; Nira R. Pollock; Oliver Brand; Brooke Seitter; Stacy Heilman; Eric Nehl; Joshua Levy; David S. Gottfried; Gregory Martin; Morgan Greenleaf; David N. Ku; Jesse Waggoner; Elizabeth Iffrig; Robert Mannino; Yun Wang; Eric Ortlund; Julie Sullivan; Paulina Rebolledo; Viviana Claveria; John Roback; MacArthur Benoit; Cheryl Stone; Annette Esper; Filipp Frank; Wilbur Lam



Comparison of Anti-Dengue and Anti-Zika IgG on a Plasmonic Gold Platform with Neutralization Testing

by Jesse Waggoner; A Rojas; MS Natrajan; J Weber; F Cardozo; C Cantero; JS Ananta; J Kost; M Tang; S Lopez; C Bernal; Y Guillen; L Mendoza; M Paez; BA Pinsky



Sampling for SARS-CoV-2 Aerosols in Hospital Patient Rooms

by Colleen Kraft; Jessica Ingersoll; Andrew Webster; Jesse Waggoner; MA Lane; M Walawender; EA Brownsword; C Miller; TM Uyeki; WG Lindsley



Sensitive and Prolonged Detection of Dengue Virus RNA in Whole Blood

by Evan Anderson; Jesse Waggoner; V Stittleburg; MS Natrajan; MA Paniagua-Avila; D Bauer; D Olson; HM El Sahly; EJ Asturias; FM Munoz



Malaria and Chikungunya Detected Using Molecular Diagnostics Among Febrile Kenyan Children

by Jesse Waggoner; Julie Brichard; Francis Mutuku; Bryson Ndenga; Claire Jane Heath; Alisha Mohamed-Hadley; Malaya K. Sahoo; John Vulule; Martina Lefterova; Niaz Banaei; Dunstan Mukoko; Benjamin A. Pinsky; A. Desiree LaBeaud