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Chronic liver inflammation modifies DNA methylation at the precancerous stage of murine hepatocarcinogenesis

by Evgeniy Stoyanov; Guy Ludwig; Lina Mizrahi; Devorah Olam; Temima Schnitzer-Perlman; Elena Tasika; Gabriele Sass; Gisa Tiegs; Yong Jiang; Ting Nie; James Kohler; Raymond Schinazi; Paula Vertino; Howard Cedar; Eithan Galun; Daniel Goldenberg



Cardiac-Targeted Transgenic Mutant Mitochondrial Enzymes

by James J Kohler; Seyed H. Hosseini; Elgin Green; Amy Hoying-Brandt; Ioan Cucoranu; Chad P. Haase; Rodney Russ; Jaya Srivastava; Kristopher Ivey; Tomika Ludaway; Victor Kapoor; Allison Abuin; Alexsey Shapoval; Robert Santoianni; Ann Saada; Orly Elpeleg; William Lewis



Enhanced Antiretroviral Therapy in Rhesus Macaques Improves RT-SHIV Viral Decay Kinetics

by Thomas North; Andradi Villalobos; Selwyn Hurwitz; Jesse D. Deere; Joanne Higgins; Payel Chatterjee; Sijia Tao; Robert C. Kauffman; Paul A. Luciw; James J Kohler; Raymond F Schinazi



HIV-1 Activates Macrophages Independent of Toll-Like Receptors

by Joseph N. Brown; James Kohler; Carter R. Coberley; John W. Sleasman; Maureen M. Goodenow



Asymmetric Binding to NS5A by Daclatasvir (BMS-790052) and Analogs Suggests Two Novel Modes of HCV Inhibition

by James Nettles; Richard A. Stanton; Joshua Broyde; Franck Amblard; HongWang Zhang; Longhu Zhou; Junxing Shi; Tamara R. McBrayer; Tony Whitaker; Steven J. Coats; James Kohler; Raymond Schinazi



Transgenic cardiac-targeted overexpression of human thymidylate kinase

by James Kohler; Seyed H. Hosseini; Ioan Cucoranu; Olga Zhelyabovska; Elgin Green; Kristopher Ivey; Allison Abuin; Earl Fields; Amy Hoying; Rodney Russ; Robert Santoianni; C. Michael Raper; Qinglin Yang; Arnon Lavie; William Lewis



Mobile Health Intervention to Reduce HIV Transmission: A Randomized Trial of Behaviorally Enhanced HIV Treatment as Prevention (B-TasP)

by Seth C. Kalichman; Chauncey Cherry; Moira O. Kalichman; Lisa A. Eaton; James Kohler; Catherine Montero; Raymond F Schinazi



Antiretroviral nucleosides, deoxynucleotide carrier and mitochondrial DNA: evidence supporting the DNA pol gamma hypothesis

by William Lewis; James J Kohler; Seyed H. Hosseini; Chad P. Haase; William C. Copeland; Rachelle J. Bienstock; Tomika Ludaway; Jamie McNaught; Rodney Russ; Tami Stuart; Robert Santoianni