Jie Jiang


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RNA-mediated toxicity in C9orf72 ALS and FTD

by Zachary McEachin; Janani Parameswaran; Nisha Raj; Gary Bassell; Jie Jiang



Reduced C9ORF72 function exacerbates gain of toxicity from ALS/FTD-causing repeat expansion in C9orf72

by Qiang Zhu; Jie Jiang; Tania F. Gendron; Melissa McAlonis-Downes; Lulin Jiang; Amy Taylor; Sandra Diaz Garcia; Somasish Ghosh Dastidar; Maria J. Rodriguez; Patrick King; Yongjie Zhang; Albert R. La Spada; Huaxi Xu; Leonard Petrucelli; John Ravits; Sandrine Da Cruz; Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne; Don W. Cleveland



Rare variants in MYH15 modify amyotrophic lateral sclerosis risk

by Hyerim Kim; Junghwa Lim; Han Bao; Bin Jiao; Se Min Canon; Michael Epstein; Keqin Xu; Jie Jiang; Janani Parameswaran; Yingjie Li; Kenneth Moberg; John E. Landers; Christina Fournier; Emily Allen; Jonathan D. Glass; Thomas Wingo; Peng Jin