Jessica Mae Ingersoll


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Sampling for SARS-CoV-2 Aerosols in Hospital Patient Rooms

by Colleen Kraft; Jessica Ingersoll; Andrew Webster; Jesse Waggoner; MA Lane; M Walawender; EA Brownsword; C Miller; TM Uyeki; WG Lindsley



Association of Secretor Status and Recent Norovirus Infection With Gut Microbiome Diversity Metrics in a Veterans Affairs Population

by Timothy Read; Vincent Marconi; Colleen Kraft; Cristina Cardemil; Jessica Ingersoll; Benjamin Lopman; JA Johnson; RA Petit; KL Meagley; MC Rodriguez-Barradas; DO Beenhouwer; ST Brown; M Holodniy; CA Lucero-Obusan; P Schirmer; FH Neill; RL Atmar; AK Kambhampati; JE Cates; SA Mirza; AJ Hall



Comparison of Droplet Digital PCR to Real-Time PCR for Quantitative Detection of Cytomegalovirus

by R. T. Hayden; Z. Gu; Jessica Ingersoll; D. Abdul-Ali; L. Shi; S. Pounds; A. M. Caliendo



Bioaerosol sampling of a ventilated patient with COVID-19

by Morgan A. Lane; Erik A. Brownsword; Jill S. Morgan; Ahmed Babiker; Sharon A Vanairsdale; G Marshall Lyon III; Aneesh Mehta; Jessica Mae Ingersoll; William G. Lindsley; Colleen Kraft