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Prevention-effective adherence trajectories among transgender women indicated for PrEP in the United States: a prospective cohort study

by Jason Schneider; Jeehea Haw; EE Cooney; SL Reisner; HT Saleem; KN Althoff; SW Beckham; A Radix; CM Cannon; AE Rodriguez; AJ Wawrzyniak; TC Poteat; KH Mayer; C Beyrer; AL Wirtz



Digital epidemiologic research on multilevel risks for HIV acquisition and other health outcomes among transgender women in Eastern and Southern United States: Protocol for an online cohort

by Jason Schneider; Jeehea Haw; AL Wirtz; EE Cooney; M Stevenson; A Radix; T Poteat; AJ Wawrzyniak; CM Cannon; J Sonya Haw; J Case; KN Althoff; E Humes; KH Mayer; C Beyrer; AE Rodriguez; SL Reisner



Hospital admissions for hyperglycemic emergencies in young adults at an inner-city hospital

by Rachel Wolf; Jeehea Haw; Sudeshna Paul; Melissa Faulkner; Eun Cha; M. K. Findley; Farah Khan; Sara Markley; Anastasia-Stefania Alexopoulos; Komal Mehta; David A. Alfa; Mohammed Ali



Preventing Early Renal Loss in Diabetes (PERL) Study: A Randomized Double-Blinded Trial of Allopurinol-Rationale, Design, and Baseline Data

by J. Sonya Haw; Guillermo Umpierrez; Maryam Afkarian; Sarit Polsky; Afshin Parsa; Ronne Aronson; Maria Luiza Caramori; David Z. Cherney; Jill P. Crandall; Ian H. de Boer; Thomas G. Elliott; Andrzej T. Galecki; Allison B. Goldfine; Irl B. Hirsch; Amy B. Karger; Ildiko Lingvay; David M. Maahs; Janet B. McGill; Mark E. Molitch; Bruce A. Perkins; Rodica Pop-Busui; Marlon Pragnell; Sylvia E. Rosas; Peter Rossing; Peter Senior; Ronald J. Sigal; Catherine Spino; Katherine R. Tuttle; Amisha Wallia; Ruth S. Weinstock; Chunyi Wu; Michael Mauer; Alessandro Doria