Jidong Guo


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Oxytocin in the nucleus accumbens shell reverses CRFR2-evoked passive stress-coping after partner loss in monogamous male prairie voles

by Oliver J. Bosch; Joanna Dabrowska; Meera E. Modi; Zachary V. Johnson; Alaine C. Keebaugh; Catherine E. Barrett; Todd H. Ahern; Jidong Guo; Valery Grinevich; Donald Rainnie; Inga D. Neumann; Larry Young



Modulation of fear generalization by the zona incerta

by Archana Venkataraman; Natalia Brody; Preethi Reddi; Jidong Guo; Donald Rainnie; Brian Dias



BAI1 regulates spatial learning and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus

by Dan Zhu; ChenChen Li; Andrew M. Swanson; Rosa Villalba; Jidong Guo; Shannon Matheny; Tatsuro Murakami; Jason R. Stephenson; Sarah Daniel; Masaki Fukata; Randy Hall; Jeffrey James Olson; Gretchen Neigh; Yoland Smith; Donald Rainnie; Erwin Van Meir