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Preventing asthma in high risk kids (PARK) with omalizumab: Design, rationale, methods, lessons learned and adaptation

by Anne Fitzpatrick; Jocelyn Grunwell; Brian Vickery; W Phipatanakul; DT Mauger; TW Guilbert; LB Bacharier; S Durrani; DJ Jackson; FD Martinez; A Cunningham; S Kunselman; LM Wheatley; C Bauer; CM Davis; B Geng; KM Kloepfer; C Lapin; AH Liu; JA Pongracic; SJ Teach; J Chmiel; JM Gaffin; M Greenhawt; MR Gupta; PS Lai; RF Lemanske; WJ Morgan; WJ Sheehan; J Stokes; PS Thorne; HC Oettgen; E Israel



Hexosylceramides and Glycerophosphatidylcholine GPC(36:1) Increase in Multi-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Patients with Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Admission over 8-Day Hospitalization

by Mara Leimanis-Laurens; Emily Wolfrum; Karen Ferguson; Jocelyn Grunwell; Dominic Sanfilippo; Jeremy W. Prokop; Todd A. Lydic; Surender Rajasekaran



Recalibration of the Renal Angina Index for Pediatric Septic Shock

by Natalja Stanski; Hector R Wong; Rajit Basu; Natalie Z. Cvijanovich; Julie C. Fitzgerald; Scott L. Weiss; Michael T. Bigham; Parag N. Jain; Adam Schwarz; Riad Lutfi; Jeffrey Nowak; Geoffrey Allen; Neal J. Thomas; Jocelyn Grunwell; Michael Quasney; Bereketeab Haileselassie; Lakhmir S. Chawla; Stuart L. Goldstein



Differential expression of the Nrf2-linked genes in pediatric septic shock

by Jocelyn Grunwell; Scott L. Weiss; Natalie Z. Cvijanovich; Geoffrey L. Allen; Neal J. Thomas; Robert J. Freishtat; Nick Anas; Keith Meyer; Paul A. Checchia; Thomas P. Shanley; Michael T. Bigham; Julie Fitzgerald; Kelli Howard; Erin Frank; Kelli Harmon; Hector R. Wong