Jocelyn Grunwell

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Asst Professor

SOMPI: Critical Care

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Differential expression of the Nrf2-linked genes in pediatric septic shock

by Jocelyn Grunwell; Scott L. Weiss; Natalie Z. Cvijanovich; Geoffrey L. Allen; Neal J. Thomas; Robert J. Freishtat; Nick Anas; Keith Meyer; Paul A. Checchia; Thomas P. Shanley; Michael T. Bigham; Julie Fitzgerald; Kelli Howard; Erin Frank; Kelli Harmon; Hector R. Wong



Procedural Sedation Outside of the Operating Room Using Ketamine in 22,645 Children: A Report From the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium

by Jocelyn Rebecca Grunwell; Curtis Travers; Courtney E. McCracken; Patricia D. Scherrer; Anne G. Stormorken; Corrie E. Chumpitazi; Mark G. Roback; Jana A. Stockwell; Pradip Kamat



Trend and Outcomes of Video Laryngoscope Use Across PICUs

by Jocelyn Grunwell; Pradip Kamat; Michael Miksa; Ashwin Krishna; Karen Walson; Dennis Simon; Conrad Krawiec; Ryan Breuer; Jan Hau Lee; Eleanor Gradidge; Keiko Tarquinio; Asha Shenoi; Justine Shults; Vinay Nadkarni; Akira Nishisaki