John R Galloway MD


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Characterization of Post-Hospital Infections in Adults Requiring Home Parenteral Nutrition

by Vivian M. Zhao; Daniel P. Griffith; Henry Michael Blumberg; Nisha J. Dave; Cynthia H. Battey; Therese A. McNally; Kirk Easley; John R Galloway; Thomas R. Ziegler



Metabolic effects of enteral versus parenteral alanyl-glutamine dipeptide administration in critically ill patients receiving enteral feeding: a pilot study

by Menghua Luo; Niloofar Bazargan; Daniel P. Griffith; Concepción Fernández-Estívariz; Lorraine M. Leader; Kirk Easley; Nicole M. Daignault; Li Hao; Jon B. Meddings; John R Galloway; Jeffrey B. Blumberg; Dean P Jones; Thomas R. Ziegler



Efficacy of Parenteral Nutrition Supplemented With Glutamine Dipeptide to Decrease Hospital Infections in Critically Ill Surgical Patients

by Concepción F. Estívariz; Daniel P. Griffith; Menghua Luo; Elaina E. Szeszycki; Nisha Dave; Nicole M. Daignault; Glen F. Bergman; Therese McNally; Cindy H. Battey; Celeste E. Furr; Li Hao; James G Ramsay; Carolyn R. Accardi; George A Cotsonis; Dean P Jones; John R Galloway; Thomas R. Ziegler; Niloofar Bazargan