Jennifer K Frediani PhD, RD


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Correlation of SARS-CoV-2 Subgenomic RNA with Antigen Detection in Nasal Midturbinate Swab Specimens

by Katherine Immergluck; Mark D. Gonzalez; Jennifer Frediani; Joshua Levy; Janet Figueroa; Anna Wood; Beverly Rogers; Jared O'Neal; Roger Elias-Marcellin; Allie Suessmith; Julie Sullivan; Raymond Schinazi; Ahmed Babiker; Anne Piantadosi; Miriam Vos; Gregory Martin; Wilbur A. Lam; Jesse Waggoner



Impact of repeated nasal sampling on detection and quantification of SARS-CoV-2

by Joshua Levy; Jennifer Frediani; Erika A. Tyburski; Anna Wood; Janet Figueroa; Russell Kempker; Paulina Rebolledo; Mark D. Gonzalez; Julie Sullivan; Miriam Vos; Jared O'Neal; Gregory Martin; Wilbur Lam; Jesse Waggoner