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Maintenance of Intestinal Th17 Cells and Reduced Microbial Translocation in SIV-infected Rhesus Macaques Treated with Interleukin (IL)-21

by Suresh Pallikkuth; Luca Micci; Zachary S. Ende; Robin I. Iriele; Barbara Cervasi; Benton Lawson; Colleen McGary; Kenneth A. Rogers; James Else; Guido Silvestri; Kirk Easley; Jacob D. Estes; Francois Villinger; Savita Pahwa; Mirko Paiardini



SHIV-1157i and passaged progeny viruses encoding R5 HIV-1 clade C env cause AIDS in rhesus monkeys

by Michael Humbert; Robert A Rasmussen; Ruijiang Song; Helena Ong; Prachi Sharma; Agnès L Chenine; Victor G Kramer; Nagadenahalli B Siddappa; Weidong Xu; James Else; Francis J Novembre; Elizabeth Strobert; Shawn P O'Neil; Ruth M Ruprecht



Heart disease is common in humans and chimpanzees, but is caused by different pathological processes

by Nissi Varki; Dan Anderson; James G Herndon; Tho Pham; Christopher J Gregg; Monica Cheriyan; James Murphy; Elizabeth Strobert; Jo Fritz; Jim Else; Ajit Varki



Neutralization-Sensitive R5-Tropic Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus SHIV-2873Nip, Which Carries env Isolated from an Infant with a Recent HIV Clade C Infection (vol 83, pg 1422, 2009)

by Nagadenahalli B. Siddappa; Ruijiang Song; Victor G. Kramer; Agnes-Laurence Chenine; Vijayakumar Velu; Helena Ong; Robert A. Rasmussen; Ricky D. Grisson; Charles Wood; Hong Zhang; Chipeppo Kankasa; Rama Rao Amara; Jim Else; Francis J. Novembre; David C. Montefiori; Ruth M. Ruprecht



Target Cell Availability, Rather than Breast Milk Factors, Dictates Mother-to-Infant Transmission of SIV in Sooty Mangabeys and Rhesus Macaques

by Ann Chahroudi; Emily Cartwright; S Thera Lee; Maud Mavigner; Diane G. Carnathan; Benton Lawson; Paul M. Carnathan; Tayebeh Heshempoor; Megan K Murphy; Tracy Meeker; Stephanie Ehnert; Christopher Souder; James Else; Joyce Cohen; Ronald G Collman; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Sallie R Permar; Cynthia Derdeyn; Francois Villinger; Guido Silvestri



The comparative genomics and complex population history of Papio baboons

by Jeffrey Rogers; Muthuswamy Raveendran; R. Alan Harris; Thomas Mailund; Kalle Leppala; Georgios Athanasiadis; Mikkel Heide Schierup; Jade Cheng; Kasper Munch; Jerilyn A. Walker; Miriam K. Konkel; Vallmer Jordan; Cody J. Steely; Thomas O. Beckstrom; Christina Bergey; Andrew Burrell; Dominik Schrempf; Angela Noll; Masimillian Kothe; James Else



Loss of Effector and Anti-Inflammatory Natural Killer T Lymphocyte Function in Pathogenic Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

by Namita Rout; Justin Greene; Simon Yue; David O'Connor; Robert Johnson; James Else; Mark A. Exley; Amitinder Kaur



Depletion of CD4+ T cells abrogates post-peak decline of viremia in SIV-infected rhesus macaques

by Alexandra M. Ortiz; Nichole R. Klatt; Bing Li; Yanjie Yi; Brian Tabb; Xing Pei Hao; Lawrence Sternberg; Benton Lawson; Paul M. Carnathan; Elizabeth M. Cramer; Jessica C. Engram; Dawn Little; Elena Ryzhova; Francisco Gonzalez-Scarano; Mirko Paiardini; Aftab A Ansari; Sarah Ratcliffe; Jim Else; Jason M. Brenchley; Ronald G. Collman; Jacob D. Estes; Cynthia Derdeyn; Guido Silvestri